Twin Water Design is a well-established full service graphic design and printing company located in Surprise, Arizona.  Surprise is NW of the Phoenix area and the second fasted expanding municipality in the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area.  Driven by a passion for eye-catching graphic design and high quality printed and multi-media end products, we service companies inside and outside of the state of Arizona.  Nobody understands the intricacies of graphic designing better than we do. Whatever your graphic design project requirements involve, we are sure that we can exceed your expectations.

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In any modern business, it is essential to have a unique look and brand to attract business. This becomes even more crucial when the competition is stiff and utilizing marketing in new and unusual ways. This is why it is essential for any business to have its own ‘identity’, which reflects not only its core values and ways of conducting business, but also various other traits.  Our focus is to not only provide our customers with best visual representation, but also deliver excellent and timely services to all our customers.

What is Brand and how is it different than a logo?

A company Brand is a definition of how your company wants to be perceived by the public and those who you wish to do business. A logo is a symbol that helps others visualize the Brand Identity and reinforce the perception of the company you are trying to communicate.  The way a company is actually perceived by the public is called Brand Image which may or may not be in line with the actual company brand.

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